• Great Marketing should be eye-catching. If yours isn't getting people to take a closer...Maybe it's time to rethink your strategy.
  • Whatever it takes

    At Kisner Communications, we do whatever it takes to provide extraordinary service to our clients, even if it means bending over backwards. You won't find a more flexible or accessible team.

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  • Driving Home Results

    Who's behind the wheel of your marketing program? Put the experienced team at Kisner Communications in the driver's seat and let them put you on the road to success.

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Creativity Catch Their Eye

Great marketing is creatively designed to not only "catch the eye" of your target audience but intrigue them to know more.

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Integrity Our Core Value!

The building blocks of our business are aligned with integrity, representing the core of who we are.

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Exclusivity We're all yours!

There's no fine print, no hidden surprises.  When we work for YOU, the relationship is exclusive.

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Accessibility You can reach us!

Like a well-oiled machine, we're like an extension of your team.  Accessible as someone in the next office.

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For Excellence

You might say we have quite a reputation for "branding" around town.  Since Kisner Communications was birthed in 1981 by owner Mary Beth Blair, the agency has been making heads turn through 'custom'-er driven marketing strategies that "brand" clients to their customers resulting in success to the bottom line.


  • Mary Beth Blair
    Owner, writer, graphic designer, account manager
  • Tara Mason
    Graphic designer, account manager

Our Services

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Creative cutting-edge graphic design for: logos/identity packages, advertising, publications, brochures, etc.

Positioning you before your audience through corporate news releases, special events and social media.

Integration of multi-media strategies into comprehensive plans and budgets.

More than a logo or a company font and color, "BRANDING" is the process of developing an image for your company that involves using consistent visual elements, but also includes specific distinction for what makes you unique and different- what sets you apart and gives you an advantage over your competitors.  It's not enough to have a professional advertising campaign if it's not founded and based upon research resulting from defining "who you are" to "your publics".

Fun Facts About Kisner Communications